NERM 2012 American Chemical Society 38th Northeast Regional Meeting

September 30 - October 3 2012, Rochester, NY
Radisson Hotel Rochester Riverside

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Agilent Technologies Lunch Seminar

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

11:45 am to 1:15 pm

Boxed lunches at $5, limited attendance so register early

Speaker: Doug Postl, LCMS Product Specialist for Agilent Technologies

Title: "Software For Pathway Focused Multi-Omics Analysis"

Abstract: We have developed data analysis tools and workflows to facilitate the analysis of metabolomics, genomics and proteomics data in a new Integrated Biology software. We expect these tools and workflows will lead to a better understanding of the biological system under study. Starting with the assumption that the researcher is interested in translational biology, a more directed approach to data mining and interpretation can be taken. We will demonstrate a metabolomics workflow that is based on a priori pathway knowledge. The results of the metabolomics analysis will be merged with transcriptomics measurements and analyzed and visualized in a pathway analysis software package – Pathway Architect. The results are statistically analyzed and the results are projected onto biological pathways to better understand the biological system under study, in this case Tuberculosis. Using the results from the joint analysis, a list of proteins of interest in those pathways is exported to proteomics software to produce a proposed targeted proteomics experiment. The protein information once collected can be brought back into Pathway Architect for analysis and pathway visualization.